Tim looks into A37 traffic concerns and solutions

Tim Bowles, the Conservative candidate for West of England Mayor, visited villages along the A37 in North East Somerset to discuss the challenges faced by local communities with an increasingly busy commuter road on their doorstep.

Tim visited Temple Cloud and Pensford with Cllr Tim Warren, the leader of Bath and North East Somerset Council and member for Mendip ward.

They met other Conservative councillors to discuss local concerns and measures to improve safety.

Since 2000 the A37 has seen a 50% increase in traffic, to 21,000 vehicles a day.

This has led to an increase in congestion, bottlenecks, air and noise pollution and danger for pedestrians. The increase in HGV traffic is a particular concern.

Bath and North East Somerset Council has introduced a range of co-ordinated measures to improve safety on the A37 since the authority came under Conservative control in 2015.

The measures, supported by significant capital funding, include changes in road safety and surfacing, cutting back vegetation and the introduction of pollution monitoring sites.

But more needs to be done to support communities like Temple Cloud, Pensford, Farrington Gurney, Clutton and Whitchurch.

The council is looking at ways of slowing traffic through Pensford Hill, improving pedestrian safety and removing obvious danger spots, in close liaison with the community.

Tim Bowles said: “The A37 has long suffered from high volumes of traffic and congestion, and this situation has worsened in recent years.

“It is vital that we continue the work to make the road safer for motorists and local residents.

“If elected as Mayor I look forward to working closely with the communities affected, councillors and other stakeholders to find solutions to reduce congestion and pollution and, where appropriate, introduce more parking for local businesses.”

Tim Warren said: “I was pleased that Tim Bowles was so keen to hear the concerns of residents who live with the daily challenge of traffic on the A37.

“By electing Tim Bowles in May, we will ensure that the West of England has a Mayor who will work with the local council to look at ways to address these sorts of big issues affecting our area.”

Pictured: Tim Bowles (left) discusses issues around the A37 in Temple Cloud with local resident John Duddy (centre) and Tim Warren.